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Introduction to Pipe Relining

Pipe relining offers a trenchless method that’s more efficient and less invasive for resolving plumbing issues than traditional pipe replacement, eliminating the need for heavy excavation. A flexible epoxy resin liner is inserted, effectively sealing and creating a new pipe within the existing structure. Once cured, it effectively establishes a robust layer inside the old pipe, providing a more cost-effective solution to sealing cracks and holes.

For homeowners, repairing pipes without need for traditional digging methods shines with clear advantages, showcasing the numerous benefits pipe relining has to offer:

  • It’s far less disruptive – It virtually eliminates need for excavation, which in turn minimises the disturbance your garden, driveway or indoor spaces may encounter
  • It’s faster, often completed within your daily routine on the same day
  • The relining process is cost-effective, offering significant savings on labour and restoration costs.
  • No tearing up your yard space, landscaping, or indoor flooring as the process involves inserting a pipe within old one seamlessly

Cherrybrook Plumbing offers specialised pipe relining services throughout Sydney’s Northern Beaches region. Our experienced plumbers expertly tackle blocked drains and cater to all your comprehensive plumbing system needs like:

  • Blocked sewer pipes in systems
  • Leaking pipes
  • Rusted and deteriorated pipes
  • Root intrusion

Pipe relining preserves your water supply and maintains functionality, with minimal disruption to your property. Contact our skilled team today to learn more about customised pipe solutions for your plumbing system.

Pipe Relining vs Traditional Pipe Replacement

Pipe relining preserves landscapes and structures more effectively than the laborious traditional replacement process, offering a beneficial and less intrusive pipe repair method. Here are the differences when concerns that typically lead to blocked pipes prompt a relining service:

  • Pipe relining is a preferred technique for impactful drain repairs without the need for excavation, and can also negate costly disruptions, jackhammering, trenching and repiping. Replacement requires extensive excavation, often resulting in the upheaval of your garden to reach a damaged pipe.
  • The pipe relining process takes just one day and eliminates the need to dig up your property. Replacement is labour-intensive and disruptive, often requiring a week of demolition and construction.
  • Our process uses cutting-edge technology to inject an epoxy coating into damaged pipes, sealing leaks and reinforcing the structure. Replacement involves starting anew by removing the damaged section and installing a pipe to fit the existing one.
  • With pipe relining, yard space, gardens, driveways and flooring stay fully intact. Replacement often damages landscaping and indoor tiling due to the excavation involved.

For sprawling properties or landscaped spaces, opting for trenchless pipe relining over disruptive pipe replacement saves time, money and your outdoor haven. Our team’s no-dig approach ensures seamless work, preserving the appearance of your plumbing system and yard.

The Relining Process Step-by-Step

The pipe relining process consists of several key steps carried out by our experienced professionals:

  1. Initial CCTV drain camera inspection – We thoroughly examine the sewer pipe’s interior to pinpoint issues.
  2. Measurement and custom liner preparation – Using the footage, we accurately measure the dimensions required for relined pipes in your sewer system.
  3. Liner installation with air and water – The liner is blown into place, using air pressure to realign drains and water to secure the new lining.
  4. Curing with steam – Steam heat activates and cures the epoxy resin, bonding it with the inside old pipe to form a smooth new inner structure.
  5. Second CCTV inspection – A follow-up camera check verifies full integrity and realignment.
  6. Reconnection and testing – We reconnect and thoroughly test your pipework before restoring your system to full function.

From diagnosis to finish, our skilled team provides precise, customised solutions to rehabilitate your pipes without excavation. If you need help understanding pipe relining or wish to book an appointment in Cherrybrook, contact us to learn everything you need to know.

No Excavation or Property Damage

One of the biggest advantages of pipe relining over traditional pipe replacement is that it requires little to no excavation pipe or destruction of property. There’s no need to dig up gardens or lawns, or tear up floors to access buried pipes, avoiding destructive jackhammering on driveways or pathways.

Our technicians repair drains by inserting a new liner, thus bypassing traditional access points like manholes or drain openings. This method ensures minimal disruption and prevents potential damage your landscape could suffer, repairing broken pipes swiftly and avoiding the usual digging, trenching and repiping. As excavation isn’t required, landscapes, pavements, structures, and interior tiling remain intact throughout the relining process.

Pipe relining addresses issues within your plumbing system, effectively reducing disruption on your premises. Contact us to discover how pipe relining can rejuvenate your property’s pipes with minimal disruption.

We customise each epoxy liner to precisely address your plumbing needs, ensuring a seamless fix that protects your driveway, gardens, flooring, and outdoor areas.

Restoring Landscaping After Pipe Relining

One of the greatest advantages of pipe relining is the minimal restoration needed for landscaping afterwards. Since no extensive digging or trenching occurs, most gardens, plants and lawn areas remain entirely undisturbed.

Our relining technicians protect your landscaping while servicing the pipes essential to your property. Any slight excavations are meticulously refilled and restored to their original state. In rare instances, only minor areas, such as patches of grass or mulch, might need replacing.

If pavers, pathways or driveway sections were temporarily removed for access, we carefully relay and reseal these. Topsoil and lawn areas are also restored to their condition within existing landscapes. Within days, you’d never know pipe relining work had unfolded in a cost-effective manner.

We understand that outdoor spaces are valuable assets. Our non-invasive approach ensures your pipe relining delivers top-notch plumbing repairs without the disruption to the gardens and landscaping around your home.

The Longevity and Durability of Epoxy Pipe Liners

Epoxy resin liners in pipe relining are highly durable, with a life expectancy of 50 years when professionally installed. Only quality-tested liners certified to pressure ratings and industry standards like ASTM F1216 are used for long-lasting pipe repair.

Properly installed epoxy liners form a robust barrier within old sewer and stormwater pipes. Our technicians ensure that the relined pipes resist future blockages and maintain optimal water flow by assessing for maximum hardness and impermeability. With time, these protective liners can withstand soil pressure, tree root intrusion, and structural stress without the wear or rupture common in older pipes, including those caused by tree roots.

Our high-quality epoxy pipe liners maintain their integrity for years, outperforming inferior grade alternatives. Hot-applied liners also cool to form perfect castings of existing pipework walls, greatly extending pipe lifespan compared to patching or short repair sections.

Their seamless, joint-free construction also removes weak points prone to leaks or root intrusion issues, ensuring there’s no compromise.

In cases of severe deterioration, pipe relining with durable epoxy barriers is the most effective long-term solution. Contact our relining Sydney team to learn more about epoxy liner specifications or relining your ageing pipes cost-effectively.

Choosing a Qualified Pipe Relining Service

Selecting a pipe relining provider entails choosing a company with demonstrated experience and reliability. Here are essential considerations to evaluate when deciding if engaging our experienced pipe relining business is worth the investment:

Industry Experience

An established background in creating new pipe within old plumbing and drain structures indicates advanced relining skills. Opt for a provider with 5+ years of experience in handling pipe repairs across various properties, demonstrating dedication and quality assurance to our customers.

Proper Equipment & Materials

Quality pipe relining relies on CCTV cameras for inspection, custom-fitted epoxy resins and specialised curing processes for drain pipe liners. Ensure your provider has the latest pipe relining equipment and materials.

Strong Customer Service

A strong customer service is demonstrated by clearly explaining common causes of blocked drains and the advantages of pipe relining. Choose a proactive company focused on providing the best pipe relining for your needs.

With over 15 years of experience, Cherrybrook Plumbing delivers exceptional pipe relining services in Sydney, backed by quality materials and a commitment to excellence. Contact us on 1300 349 338 or jobs@cherrybrookplumbingservices.com.au to discuss your relining needs.

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