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Identifying a Failed Pipe Relining Repair

Pipe relining effectively repairs damaged pipes by inserting an epoxy liner within the existing structure, creating a new pipe interior. However, this technique is not impervious to failure.

There are several signs that could indicate a pipe relining repair has failed:

  • Persistent blocked or slow draining issues
  • Gurgling noises or unpleasant smells, indicating blockages in the underlying pipes
  • Leaks at joints or connections, pointing to problems inside sewer pipes
  • Cracks in walls or ceilings above drain lines
  • Backups in sinks, hot water systems, showers, or toilets

If you notice any of these issues, it likely means there are cracked pipes or a related problem. Commence with a thorough CCTV drain inspection as your initial step.

A professional plumber can visually inspect the pipes with a specialised camera to pinpoint and evaluate the extent of the relining failure.

From there, they can recommend the best solutions whether that involves spot repairs, a pipe reline or potentially pipe replacement depending on your specific circumstances. The durability of a relined pipe depends on its condition, age, and the quality of materials and techniques applied, highlighting the need for a professional evaluation.

Common Causes of Relining Failure

There are a few main reasons why a pipe relining can fail over time:

  • Low-quality epoxy resins - Substandard materials may fail to bond, set, or endure within the pipe system.
  • Faulty installation - Improperly sized, cleaned, or installed relining by unskilled technicians can lead to early failure.
  • External factors - Ground movement, intrusive tree roots, or wear and tear from pipe motion can compromise the relined pipe’s structure.

When performed by experienced professionals using high-grade epoxy resins, pipe relining offers a durable solution that aligns with top manufacturers’ warranty terms.

Assessing Damage and Getting Professional Help

If you suspect your pipe relining repair has failed, the next crucial step is to have the damage thoroughly assessed by a professional plumber. At Cherrybrook Plumbing, our licensed technicians employ CCTV inspection to accurately determine:

  • The exact location and severity of the failure in any old pipe
  • What factors may have caused the relining to fail
  • Whether you need pipe repair/patching or complete replacement

With the visual data retrieved, your plumber will recommend viable solutions, ranging from spot repairs to full-scale pipe relining or new pipe installation if required. Our expertise lies in finding the most cost-effective solutions without digging up your lawn unnecessarily.

Deciding Between Repair and Full Re-lining

After a relining failure, homeowners must decide between simple repairs or a full re-lining, considering the condition and future of their plumbing systems. There are several key factors to weigh up:

  • Extent of damage - If the failure is small or isolated, a pipe repair may suffice. But if there are multiple leaks or extensive issues, it may be necessary to perform pipe re-lining.
  • Cost - While repairs might cost less initially, a full re-lining often yields greater long-term savings by minimising future issues. But multiple repairs can add up, making a full re-line more cost effective over time. A full re-line may cost more upfront but last longer.
  • Timeframes - Repairs can often be completed in a day, while our team is ready to assist day and night. The duration of the relining process, which typically spans 1-2 days, hinges on pipe length and accessibility.
  • Disruption - Each job, including repairs, require accessing just the damaged section pipe areas. A full re-line is more invasive but avoids repetitive repairs.

Deciding between relining and repairs often depends on their ability to prevent recurring issues, with relining offering a more comprehensive, long-term fix. Our licenced plumbers can advise on the pros and cons of each method.

Choosing the right approach requires a meticulous inspection, understanding the implications of various repair options, and avoiding premature excavation of your property.

Contact us at jobs@cherrybrookplumbingservices.com.au or call 1300 349 338 for personalised advice and to book an on-site inspection.

Understanding Warranties and Longevity

When having pipe relining work done, it’s important to understand the warranties being offered. Reputable companies will provide extensive warranties on both materials and workmanship.

High-end epoxy resins used in relining are often supported by extensive manufacturer warranties of over 50 years, covering both defects and relining-specific failures.

Beyond material coverage, a reputable plumbing firm should provide warranties on installation and workmanship. Commonly, warranties span 5-10 years, offering homeowners the assurance of prompt plumbing restoration in case of premature failures.

These comprehensive warranties underline the long-term durability of your plumbing when pipe relining is done properly. With quality epoxy materials and expert installation, relined pipes can last up to 50 years or more before needing replacement.

So when getting quotes for relining, be sure to ask plumbers about what specific warranties they provide. Reputable companies like Cherrybrook Plumbing stand behind their workmanship and the products used. This provides peace of mind should any unlikely issues emerge down the track.

Preventing Future Failures

To help prevent pipe relining failures in the future, there are several key maintenance tips:

  • Avoid pouring fats, oils or harsh chemicals down drains that can damage linings
  • Manage overhanging trees and invasive roots through root barriers or professional tree services
  • Watch for leaks, cracks or damp spots that may indicate issues
  • Have regular CCTV drain inspections to identify problems early
  • Consider professional drain cleaning 1-2 times per year to remove any obstructions and maintain clear drains

Proactive maintenance enables timely minor repairs, forestalling more significant failures. Regular checks also help plumbers decide if preemptive re-lining is advisable.

When selecting a plumbing company for relining, check their expertise, materials and warranties:

  • Licenced, experienced technicians using professional grade epoxy resins
  • Quality products that meet industry standards and come with long warranties
  • Detailed workmanship guarantees in case any unlikely issues emerge

Established companies like Cherrybrook Plumbing deliver such warranties to strengthen homeowner trust in pipe relining services. It’s vital to invest in top-notch materials and proficient labour to prevent future complications.

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Pipe Relining Repair Failure Options

If a pipe relining repair fails unexpectedly, don’t panic. Contact our Cherrybrook Plumbing experts to evaluate if another trenchless repair is feasible or if full pipe replacement work is required. Our skilled team can advise the best solution for your situation.

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Choosing the right trenchless pipe relining contractor is crucial for a successful repair project. An experienced company will have the proper equipment, training and positive reviews to permanently restore damaged pipes without the mess and expense of pipe replacement.

Equipment Pipe Relining
Equipment Used in Pipe Relining

Professional plumbers use specialized equipment for pipe relining including CCTV cameras, high pressure water jets, epoxy resins and inversion systems to reline pipes without digging. Contact us to learn more about pipe relining equipment used for trenchless sewer repairs.

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