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Introduction to Pipe Relining Issues

The relining process refurbishes broken pipes by inserting a durable liner into the pipe. This internal coating cures to form a smooth, durable inner pipe, tackling problems your system may have and restoring function. Relining is less invasive, usually involving no excavation, and typically more cost-effective than replacing damaged pipes entirely.

However, improperly executed pipe relining within your plumbing system can lead to ongoing issues. Signs of a bad relining job include restricted water flow, Ground shifts, gas leaks, and habitual blockages in your drains are unmistakable indicators of flawed relining work. Prompt recognition of these warning signs enables plumbers to implement relining solutions to troubleshoot and prevent extensive damage.

This article outlines the most common indicators of poorly executed pipe relining. It also provides tips for addressing related complications to limit impacts on your pipe system.

Common Signs of a Failed Pipe Relining Project

When it comes to functional restoration, there should be no doubt your plumber can point out several key signs that can indicate a pipe relining project has failed:

  • Slow or backed-up drains - A blocked sink, shower, or drain suggests that the pipes may not have bonded correctly with the new relining material.
  • Persistent bad smells from your drains - Odours like sewer gas returning post-relining point to potential gaps or holes in the liner.
  • Water leak indications - Sobbing, dripping pipes or unforeseen damp patches in your yard might reveal liner holes or detachment.
  • Increasing water bills - Higher usage without changes in habits may be indicative that leaks can contribute to silent losses in your water system.

Catching relining failures early is crucial to protect your pipes and avoid ballooning repair costs; that’s why we stress the importance of immediate attention. We strongly advise contacting a licensed plumber immediately if you notice these cautionary signs after relining. Using cameras, they will check the pipes to identify issues and determine the next steps, potentially saving thousands in repair costs.

Our Cherrybrook Plumbing team, specialists in pipe relining Sydney trusts, harnesses more than 25 years of experience to diagnose and correct botched relining jobs. We also offer methods of pipe relining as part of our preventative maintenance to catch problems before they escalate. Connect with our office, and you’ll find unwavering dedication to resolving your plumbing concerns with meticulous attention.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Slow or frequently clogged drains after a pipe relining point to potential problems. The epoxy may not have properly adhered to the old pipe surface. Pre-existing issues like cracks or obstacles may have also been left unaddressed.

Lacking a smooth interior, your pipes risk getting blocked as debris catches and builds up. Tree root infiltration can impede water from efficiently draining, leading to slow-moving pipes. Standing water breeds bacteria, leading to unpleasant sulphuric odours.

A drain camera serves as a vital tool for specialists to apply their expertise in diagnosing epoxy resin mishaps within your sewer pipes. This involves feeding a waterproof camera through the pipe to identify breaches, gaps, cracks, or blockages. Comprehensive imaging shows whether the epoxy liner has peeled away or if cracks and debris are causing obstructions.

Early identification of relining issues in your drainage system ensures precise repairs and preserves its long-term integrity. Identifying and addressing the root cause prevents more extensive damaged pipe issues in the future.

Foul Odors from Drains

Post-relining odours suggesting sewer gases in living spaces often signify inadequate sealing, where gaps from root intrusions or epoxy delamination might exist. A predominant rotten egg smell often points to the presence of gas leaks from hydrogen sulphide.

Persistent exposure to natural gas emissions is a health risk that can cause symptoms such as nausea and headaches in the surrounding area. Thus, any post-relining sulphur or methane smells warrant immediate professional inspection.

With the aid of a CCTV drain camera, a technician can pinpoint the cause of persistent odours, applying leak detection methods suited to your gas hot water system. Prompt repair of liner holes or gaps is performed to prevent gas build-up. We also check for hazardous gas buildup on your property and ensure proper ventilation for safety.

Increased Water Bills

A sudden unexpected rise in water bills, with no shifts in household habits, often flags hidden leaks in the hot water unit after a subpar relining job. Gaps or holes left unrepaired in the epoxy lining can lead to water seeping out of underground pipes over time.

Undetected subsurface leaks after relining, possibly due to the need for digging up your plumbing pipe, can squander thousands of litres annually. You may not notice pooling water or dripping pipes inside, so closer utility bill monitoring helps identify problems.

We recommend you call licensed professionals to discuss the pipe relining process if your water usage unexpectedly rises after such services. Our technicians use specialised equipment to gain a thorough understanding of any leaks. CCTV pipe inspection also confirms if the liner then has separated or if cracks are resulting in silent water escapes.

By acting swiftly, we can identify the root cause of post-relining leaks, limit water wastage, and prevent further pipe corrosion through timely intervention. We pinpoint and repair breach locations to restore seamless plumbing flow.

Assessing Workmanship of Previous Relining

If pipe relining can be confirmed to have been completed in your home, there are beneficial steps you can adopt to assess the work’s quality:

  • Review any documentation or guarantees provided on the relining work. Reputable companies offer warranties against defects.
  • Check for consistencies in water flow at your sink shower bath and other fixtures after relining to ensure there are no disruptions in your bathroom usage. Variations may indicate liner issues.
  • Inspect the physical appearance of liners if accessible. Look for gaps, uneven application, cracks, holes or peeling.
  • Monitor your utility bills for any spike in usage which could signal leaks.
  • Consider a CCTV drain inspection, which lets our specialists thoroughly assess liner installation and any underlying hot water system issues.

Catering to our customers as the leading plumbing provider in the Eastern Suburbs for over 25 years, Cherrybrook Plumbing employs sophisticated pipe relining methods and expertise that can help inspect and correct prior relining work. Contact us today for professional assessments and advice.

Identifying Contamination or Debris

Contamination or debris left within pipe surfaces is a telltale sign of substandard relining workmanship. Correct procedures necessitate a comprehensive cleaning of old pipes before the installation of the new epoxy liner.

Leftover deposits, such as rust flakes, mineral buildup, or tree roots debris can result in improper liner bonding. Gaps may result in leaks and gas emissions, creating potential blockages over time without need for additional interference as debris becomes dislodged.

A drain specialist should invariably conduct a pipe camera assessment post-completion of any task on the drain sewer pipe. Our Cherrybrook team checks for cleanly scraped pipes free from pipe problems, ensures smooth liner application, and verifies the absence of lingering contamination. If we discover concerning debris or adhesion issues, we address things right away under provided warranties before major problems arise.

Testing Integrity of Epoxy Liner

After completing a pipe relining project, plumbers should thoroughly test the epoxy liner to validate its integrity before returning the system to service. Common testing methods include:

  • Pressure testing - Pressurising the lined pipe and monitoring for leakage points or drops in pressure over time. This confirms the complete sealing of the liner, ensuring no gaps or holes are present.
  • CCTV inspection - Advanced pipe cameras provide high-resolution evidence of flawless adhesion, consistency in thickness, and smooth epoxy finishes. Also checks for lingering debris issues.
  • Temperature monitoring - Measuring liner cure times and stability across pipe length. Premature cooling or heating variations signal potential bonding problems.
  • Tap tests - Percussive tests during curing, where technicians tap along the lined pipe and listen for problem spots via sound differences. Indicates trapped air pockets or poor liner bonds.

At Cherrybrook Plumbing, serving all your plumbing needs with the utmost care, we rigorously test all epoxy liners before system restoration. Proper protocols answer the question of 'how long can relining last?', ensuring solutions that can last up to decades, that prevent premature leaks or failures. Contact us to learn more about our rigorous quality assurance practises.

When to Call a Professional Plumber

There are a few key moments When one must ponder 'pipe relining how does it work?’ and contact a licenced professional plumber to inspect or address pipe relining issues:

  • Should you detect any red flags such as blocked drains, leaks, or foul odours after relining, it is crucial to take action.
  • When evaluating previous relining workmanship in the plumbing system of your house if problems emerge.
  • Consider 'do I need systematic maintenance checks of liners to pre-empt potential failures early’.
  • If you ponder 'do I need a plumbing check before renovation?' Yes, a plumber can assess whether liners are intact before and after the work.
  • Evaluating the condition of older pipe liners periodically is an integral part of preventive maintenance.

Cherrybrook Plumbing brings over 25 years of professional experience in drain and pipe relining. We employ the most advanced methods and tools to evaluate lining installations and execute corrections or new relining work to safeguard your castle. Contact us online or call 1300 349 338 for assistance.

For Suspected Leaks or Severe Issues

If you notice signs like water damage or sewer overflows after drain relining, contact a licensed plumber immediately for emergency assistance. Do not hesitate - fast response times are crucial with severe issues.

Our Cherrybrook Plumbing team of emergency plumbers is prepared 24/7 to rapidly evaluate suspected issues and get job done, keeping extensive damage at bay. We have emergency response vehicles fully stocked with repair equipment.

Our services, accessible throughout Sydney, are ready to isolate and manage compromised lines to prevent floods for serious leaks affecting your stormwater system. We tackle health hazards from contaminants or dangerous gas buildup, including complications in your stormwater drains. CCTV cameras also quickly pinpoint breach locations for targeted repairs.

Pipe relining failures require fast corrections before further pipe corrosion and leaks escalate. Swift action with pipe repair techniques or partial pipe replacement proves more economical than embarking on extensive reconstruction. As Sydney’s relining experts and leading provider of pipe relining solutions, Cherrybrook possesses the necessary know-how to diagnose and fix your critical pipe defects.

To Evaluate Overall Drain Health

Homeowners should seek a comprehensive drainage system health assessment from qualified professionals upon noticing any red flags of pipe relining failures.

Comprehensive inspections by licensed plumbers encompass CCTV imaging, pressure tests, and leak detection to diligently examine any separations or failures in the liner. Identifying compromised areas early prevents further damage from leaks, debris buildup, and pipe corrosion.

Harnessing our wealth of knowledge in drainage challenges, we provide comprehensive solutions, offering experienced professionals at Cherrybrook Plumbing. We evaluate drain liner workmanship, check for contamination, and test liner integrity via advanced methods. Contact us for professional drain health checks and repair recommendations.

If Unsure About Previous Relining Quality

If you have had pipe relining done in your home previously but are unsure about the quality of the work, it is wise to get a professional second opinion.

An experienced, licenced plumber like Cherrybrook Plumbing can thoroughly inspect prior relining projects using CCTV cameras. We check for proper epoxy thickness and adhesion, smooth finishes, debris contamination, and integrity testing.

This allows us to present a clearer picture by answering the common client question, 'relining how does it stand against manufacturer specifications?' when evaluating the correctness of liner installations. We can also assess if any underlying issues were left unaddressed that could lead to premature failures.

Enlisting a qualified technician to inspect previous reliners’ work grants you peace of mind. Or, it may reveal problems early while still under existing warranties, giving you peace of mind and allowing for repairs before major damage occurs.

As Sydney’s top choice for plumbing over 25+ years, contact Cherrybrook Plumbing online or call 1300 349 338 for professional second opinions on past pipe relining work in your home.

Protecting Your Investment in Pipe Relining

Once pipe relining is complete, it is critical to protect your investment by scheduling follow-up inspections and implementing a maintenance plan. We recommend having professional technicians take care of your lined pipes’ re-evaluation every 2 years using CCTV cameras to assess liner thickness, smoothness, debris issues and integrity. Periodic testing ensures longevity.

It is wise to schedule annual drain cleaning services which can all help in preventing debris accumulations that could compromise liners. Monitoring water bills can catch leaks early too. Taking a proactive approach with regular professional assessments makes certain your relining investment delivers maximum value for years to come.

Choosing a Reputable Contractor

Verify that your chosen contractor for drain sewer relining has the proper licensing, insurance, and affiliations with respected industry bodies such as the Master Plumbers Association. Look for experienced companies with permanent business addresses not just a PO Box. Read online reviews and request recent local references to evaluate quality of workmanship.

An established company like Cherrybrook Plumbing with 25+ years expertise also offers peace of mind.

As the champions of relining Sydney-wide, feel free to contact us online or call 1300 349 338 for professional pipe relining services.

Regular Drain Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for tackling issues like blocked pipes and ensuring the longevity of pipes post-repair and relining. Annual drain cleanings are advised to pre-empt blockages that could, over time, jeopardise the integrity of the liners.

Regularly removing debris, such as fats, oils, and harsh chemicals, is essential to prevent pipe damage. Water usage scrutiny and vigilant bill tracking can also serve to catch leaks prematurely. Taking a proactive approach with professional drain check-ups and cleanings helps safeguard your investment in relining.

As Sydney’s leading plumber for over 25 years, Cherrybrook Plumbing provides reliable maintenance which does pipe relining to optimise drain health. Contact us to schedule services tailored to your home or business needs.

Follow-Up Inspections

It is critical to schedule follow-up inspections after completing pipe relining to validate workmanship and ensure longevity of repairs. We advise booking professional drain checks every 2 years using CCTV cameras. Technicians thoroughly check sewer line liner thickness, smoothness, debris contamination, and integrity to catch issues early.

Yearly drain cleanings are advisable to avert potential buildup that could weaken the lining’s durability. Closely monitoring water usage and bill patterns can reveal internal leaks in the piping system, preventing considerable damage. Taking a proactive maintenance approach safeguards your investment in relining.

Offering over 25 years of exemplary plumbing services, the experienced Cherrybrook team specialises in follow-up diagnostics to optimise drain health long-term post-relining. Get in touch to devise a customised maintenance strategy for your residential or commercial property.

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